Licence Arrival & Departure Notes

Carry out pre-sailing checks

  • Check Hull for damage.
  • Check Draft marks fwd, aft and load line
  • Check Vessels trim (
  • Check mooring ropes and condition i.e worn/frayed
  • Check gangway is rigged correctly i.e tied off to vessel, handrails in place, a safety net is rigged below the gangway, life-ring is in place. (COSWP)

Deck checks.

  • Check all round general condition of deck
  • Check all deck machinery and anchor and winch
  • Check Scuppers Clear ( Scuppers allows rain and ocean water to drain off)
  • Check ropes and deck items are put away and secure
  • Check all LSA and FF equipment (Merchant Shipping Regulations 1999) lSA: Life-Saving Appliances – FF: Fire-Fighting Equipment (Emergency and life-saving equipment on ships)


Engine Room Checks

  • Check Oil/Water/Main Engine.
  • Check Oil/Water/Generator.
  • Check Gearbox and Steering Oils.
  • Check for spare drums of lube oil and hydraulic Oils.
  • Checks bilges for oil and water, if found pump into containers and place ashore (Record into Oil record Book) (MARPOL), vessels over 500 GRT.
  • Check condition of Batteries.
  • Check all fire/Fighting equipment is in place.
  • Check Fuel and Fresh Water.

Wheelhouse Checks

  • Checks all Navigation Equipment i.e
  • Radar-Navtex, Navigation Lights, VHF, Compass (Checked by looking at berth position), Vessel Certification File, Captains Log, Safety Management Cert (Over 500GRT)
  • Check Steering and Back Up Steering.
  • Check Crew Certification.

Keep a bridge watch whilst underway

  • Rule 5 covers “Look Out”. … Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions so as to make a full appraisal of the situation and of the risk of collision.


Passenger Briefing. (SOLAS onboard drill requirements)

  • 2.3 Whenever new passengers embark, a passenger safety briefing shall be given immediately before sailing, or immediately after sailing. The briefing shall include the instructions required by regulations 8.2 and 8.4, and shall be made by means of an announcement, in one or more languages 2 likely to be understood by the passengers. The announcement shall be made on the ship’s public address system, or by other equivalent means likely to be heard at least by the passengers who have not yet heard it during the voyage. The briefing may be included in the muster required by paragraph
  • 2.2 if the muster is held immediately upon departure. Information cards or posters or video programmes displayed on ships video displays may be used to supplement the briefing, but may not be used to replace the announcement.