Bridge Documentations

Certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships Note: All certificates to be carried on board must be originals)

  1. International Tonnage Certificate (1969)
  2. International Load Line Certificate
  3. International Load Line Exemption Certificate
  4. Intact stability booklet
  5. Damage control plans and booklets
  6. Minimum safe manning document
  7. Fire safety training manual
  8. Fire Control plan/booklet
  9. Onboard training and drills record
  10. Fire safety operational booklet
  11. Certificates for masters, officers or ratings 
  12. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
  13. Oil Record Book
  14. Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
  15. International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate
  16. Garbage Management Plan
  17. Garbage Record Book
  18. Voyage data recorder system – certificate of compliance
  19. Cargo Securing Manual
  20. Document of Compliance
  21. Safety Management Certificate
  22. Ship Security Plan and associated records.