Cloud Cover And Precipitation Notes

cumulonimbus clouds


Stratocumulus Clouds

cumulus clouds

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Cirrus Clouds

  • Cirrus – Curl
  • Stratus – Layer
  • Cumulus – Heaped
  • Alto – High
  • Nimbus – Rain bearing

Low-level clouds (based 0 – 2 km high)

  • Stratus – Extensive, featureless, shallow could sheet, can yield drizzle or light rain.
  • Stratocumulus – Shallow cloud sheet, broken into roughly recurring masses of cumulus, may drizzle or snow
  • Cumulus – Seperate, hill-shaped pufffy clouds, with level bases. Usually fair, but may bring showers after a cold front.
  • Cumulonimbus – Very large, high (up to 10km) cumulus, with dark bases and anvil shaped top, Can bring thunder, lightning, squalls and heavy rain.

Medium-level clouds (base 2 – 4 km high)

  • Altocumulus – Shallow cloud sheet with roughly regular patches or ripples of small rounded clouds. Usually fair weather.
  • Altostratus – Featureless, thin translucent cloud sheet. Usually fair weather.
  • Nimbus – Extensive, very dark cloud sheet, usually yielding precipitation

High Clouds (base 5 -15 km high)

  • Cirrus – Steaky, white, feather-like cloud, indicates an approaching depression
  • Cirrocumulus – Shallow, more or less regular patches or ripples of cloud. fair weather.
  • Cirrostratus – Shallow sheet of largely translucent cloud fair weather.