Day Shapes

Mine clearance operations

– Mine clearance operations – Three Black Balls

Constrained by Draught

– Constrained by Draught – A cylinder where it can best be seen

Fishing/ Trawling

– Fishing/ Trawling – A shape consisting of two cones point to point in a vertical line one above the other

Restricted Manoeuvre

– Restricted Manoeuvre – Three shapes in a vertical line (Ball, Diamond, Ball)

Not Under Command

– Not Under Command – Two black balls vertically

Vessel Aground

– Vessel Aground – Three black balls in a vertical line


– Fishing/Trawling -Gear longer than 150m –

Motor Sailing

– Motor Sailing -Cone point down forward


– Towing – Tow longer than 200m

Vessel at anchor -Black ball forward