Handover Of The Watch Notes

6.1 The OOW shall:

  • ensure that the members of the relieving watch are fully capable of performing their duties
  • ensure that the vision of the relieving watch is fully adjusted to the light conditions
  • ensure that all standing orders and the Master’s night orders are fully understood

6.2 The OOW shall not hand over the watch:

if there is a reason to believe that the relieving officer is not capable of carrying out the watchkeeping duties effectively, in which case the Master should be notified

when a maneuver is in progress until such action has been completed

Taking Over the Watch 7.1

The relieving officer shall:

  • prior to taking over the watch verify the vessel’s estimated or true position
  • confirm the vessel’s intended track, course and speed
  • note any dangers to navigation expected to be encountered during the watch
  • be aware of prevailing and predicted tides, currents, weather, visibility and the effect of these factors upon course and speed
  • note any errors in gyro and magnetic compasses
  • note the status of all bridge equipment
  • note the settings of bridge/engine controls and manning of engine room
  • be aware of the presence and movement of vessels in sight or known to be in the vicinity
  • give watchkeeping personnel all appropriate instructions and information which will ensure the keeping of a safe navigational watch, including maintenance of a proper look-out