Man Over Board (MOB)

Man Over Board (MOB) Oscar _ _ _

Man overboard

  • Sound alarm or shout man overboard
  • Assign someone to point to point at the person in the water (binoculars useful)
  • Release lifebuoy and smoke into the water
  • Activate MOB button on the GPS, chart plotter or ECDIS
  • Call master to Deck
  • Ready boat to stop and turn
  • Commence a recovery procedures
  • Broadcast urgency or Distress message
  • Ready throwing line
  • Ready the recovery aid
  • Start first aid and get the person ashore if applicable


Methods of recovering a man overboard
  • MOB Ladder
  • Scramble net
  • Cradle, Crane, Davit
  • Fast Rescue Craft
  • Boat Hook