Plimsoll line notes

International load line, Plimsoll line, Loading Mark & Water line

Samuel Plimsoll, was an English politician and social reformer, now best remembered for having devised the Plimsoll line

Plimsoll line: is a marking on a ship’s side showing the limit of legal submersion when loaded with cargo under various sea conditions.

Also known as an international load line, Plimsoll line and water line (positioned amidships)

The Plimsoll line is a reference mark located on a ship’s hull that indicates the maximum depth to which the vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo.


Ship Loading Marks

LR : Lloyds Registry

TF Tropical Freshwater
F Fresh Water
T Tropical Fresh Water
S Salt Water in Summer
W Salt Water in Winter
WNA Water in North Atlantic


international load line, Plimsoll line and water line