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What does MARPOL stand for?

What is the light colour and sequence?

When traveling DOWNSTREAM (outward-bound), on which side of your vessel should you keep the port lateral marker?

Towing light means a light having the same characteristics as the Sternlight.

True or False

In the northern hemisphere, a wind is said to back when it shifts to blow from more anti-clockwise direction and to veer if shifts to blow from a direction more clockwise.

Fill in the blank:   is the change in wind direction across the path of a depression within the forecast area.
Name the weather front. B?

What kind of clouds are these?

True or False

HAT ( Highest Astronomical Tide) is the vertical distance of the seabed that is exposed by the tide, above the level of the sea at the lowest astronomical tide.

Name the weather front. C?

Mooring Alongside. Name the Lines needed to hold the boat against a pier or pontoon.

C & D?

Sternlight means a white light placed as nearly as practicable at the stern showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of degrees.

Power-driven vessel intending to overtake another power-driven vessel shall indicate her intention by the following signals on her whistle: Two short blast to mean "I intend to overtake you on your.  

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