Buoys -A

Starboard Hand Mark – All Green – Topmark CONE – Green Light – FL.G.2.5(S)


Port Hand – All Red – Topmark CAN – Light RED – FI(2).R.3(S)



Special Marks – Topmark yellow X – Light YELLOW – FI.Y

Usage: Security zone, Spoil Ground,  End of a Causeway, Pipeline or cable entry, Watersports area, Hovercraft flight paths, Oceanographic buoy, Military exercise area, Marine Farm, Anchoring areas, Moorings

Safe Water Mark – Topmark RED BALL – Light Iso, Oc, LFI.10(S) or Mo(A)

Isolated danger – Topmark TWO BLACK BALL – Light(if any): FI(2)


Preferred Channel is to Starboard FI (2+1) RED


Preferred Channel is to Port FI (2+1) GREEN