Bugsby’s Reach

South ShoreNorth Shore
Thames Barrier Control Zone. Ch 14 Thames Barrier Control Zone. Ch 14
Blackwall Shoal. 2-4 m Pura Foods Jetty
Clippers Beach Orchard Buoy. Admiralty. Unlit
North Greenwich Pier – ferry and clippers pinch point Trinity Buoy Wharf. Thames Clippers HQ busy am. Predator Ferry.
Cable Car Ship Impact Protection. Cable Car 67.6 m CD air-draft Bow Creek
Greenwich Yacht Moorings Bow Street Shoal. 0.2m CD
Thames Barrier Yacht Club Thames Wharf Aggregate. Apollo Rose
TIRR Vic Dock Buoy. Admiralty. Upper
Atlas Barge Roads – waste Cable Car. 67.6 m CD air-draft.
Greenwich Yacht Club Vic Dock Buoy Lower – unlit
Angerstein Wharf – Aggregate. Vessels swinging. Peruvian Wharf
Murphy’s Wharf – Aggregate. Vessels swinging. Mohawk Wharf – disused
Charlton Pier Cory’s Tugs Island Jetty
Woods Buoy Barges moored Edge of Hookness Shoal – 2m CD
Riverside Wharf
Herringham Jetty