15.1 Introduction 15.1.1 An enclosed space is one that: IMO Resolution A.1050(27) S.I. 1988/1638-

  • Has limited openings for entry and exit; 
  • Has inadequate ventilation; and 
  • Is not designed for continuous worker occupation.

Precautions before entering a dangerous space.

  • A competent person should make an assessment of the space and an authorised officer to take charge of the operation should be appointed, see section 15.3.
  • The potential hazards should be identified – see section 15.4.
  • The space should be prepared, vented and secured for entry – see section 15.5.
  • The atmosphere of the space should be tested – see section 15.6. 
  • A permit to work system should be used – see section 15.7.
  • Procedures for preparation and entry should be agreed– see sections 15.8 and 15.9.
  • Emergency procedures should be in place.


Entering the Confined Space.

  • At least one competent person, with appropriate equipment, should be posted to remain as an attendant at the entrance to the space whilst it is occupied.
  • An agreed and tested system of communication should be established:
  • between any person entering the space and the attendant at the entrance; and between the attendant at the entrance to the space and the officer on watch.